Being closely associated with students, the Society has developed a well-established network of about 300 Student Branches all across the country. The activities conducted for the students associated with the Society include lecture meetings, seminars, conferences, training programmes, programming contests and practical visits to installations. CSI has a strong Educational Directorate which undertakes activities related to Certification of professionals related to the latest technologies. It's recent initiative of distance education in the Business Domain areas offers technology enabled learning supported by personal counseling & expert advice. In an ever changing environment, CSI offers professional counseling being a great need of the hour. And this is done by being in close contact with its young members through various events, conferences, symposia to name a few.

Specific Benefits to Members
In order to create value to its members and provide benefits, the Society has planned various schemes and some of them include.
  • 20% discount on membership of IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS)
  • CSI Members can pay their IEEE-CS fees in US$ drawn on US Bank account in favour of IEEE CS payable at USA to CSI. CSI in turn will remit to IEEE CS. The above discount is over and above all other discounts offered by IEEE CS to its members.
  • Similar discount is also planned for IEEE Education Programme, CSDP.
  • Discount on registration fee for all events conducted by CSI.

Technical Value Addition to Members
  • CSI publishes " CSI Communications " ( Monthly) and CSI Journal (Quarterly) which are mailed to members. While the Student Members get the issues of CSI Communications alone, they can subscribe to the CSI Journal, at a nominal price.
  • Libraries of various Institutions / Colleges can subscribe to CSI Communications and CSI Journal.
  • CSI promotes and provides financial support for research work in contemporary areas in IT and Computer Science. Preference is given to CSI members. Members whose papers are selected for presentation in leading International conferences such as VLDB, ICDE etc can approach CSI for travel support to attend such conferences.
Instititution Name City Pincode Phone SBC - Name SBC - Email
Accredited Students Wing
SNS College of Engineering Coimbatore 641107 0422-6465201, 6465202 Ms.A.Aruna
SVS College of Engineering Coimbatore 642109 0422-2619301 Prof.K.Senthil Prasad
PPG Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641035 0422-2667555 Mr.P.Sivaprakash
Sasurie College of Engineering Vijayamangalam 638056 04294-2243675, 2243717 Mrs.K.Uma Maheswari
S.N.R. Sons College Coimbatore 641006 0422-2562788 Prof.Jeyalakshmi
KGISL Institute of Information Management Coimbatore 641035 0422-2666187, 6619999 Ms.P.Poornima
Sree Sakthi Engineering College Coimbatore 641104 04254-273135    
Dr.N.G.P. Arts & Science College Coimbatore 641048 0422-2629367, 2628944 Ms.A.Nirmala,
Coimbatore Institute of Technology Coimbatore - 641014
Tamil Nadu.
641014 0422-2574071,72 Mr.T.Ramraj
Nehru Institute of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore 641105 0422-2622008 Mr.L.Krishna Kumar  
Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Coimbatore 641022 0422-2461588,2460088 Dr.Perumal Pitchandi,
Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore 641062 0422-6450891-893 Prof.Narmadha Pasupathy
Karpagam University Coimbatore 641021 0422-2611146, 2611082 Mr. Vigneshwar M
Hindusthan College of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore 641032 0422-2611833 Ms.I.Jasmine Selvakumari Jeya
Sri Krishna College of Technology Coimbatore 641042 0422-2604567-571 Dr.A.Balamurugan,
Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641402 0422-2579222 Prof.Mishmala Sushith
Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College Erode 638455 04285-266188 Mr.S.Gokulraj
Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore 641105 0422-2656422 / 2422 Ms.U.M.Ramya
Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641010 0422-2605577 Mr.S.Pravinth Raja
Nehru College of Management Coimbatore 641105 0422-2623610 Dr.E.Chandra Blessie
Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology Pollachi 642003 04259-236030/40/50 Prof.A.Gowrishankar/Anupriya ,
Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore 641049 0422-2669401 Mr.V.Senthil Kumar
JCT College of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore 641105 0422-2636900/902 Mr.K.Siva Kumar
PSGR Krishanammal College for Women Coimbatore 641004 0422-4295959 Dr.M.S.Vijaya
P.A. College of Engineering And Technology Pollachi 642002 04259-221387 Dr.D.Chitra,
Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore 641032 0422 - 2619041 Dr.S.Angel Latha Mary;
Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore 641008 0422-2678001-8007
KPR Institute of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore 641407 0422-2635600 Mr. N. Prasanth,
Hindusthan Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641032 0422-2930218, 2610844 Dr.S.Uma
Karunya University Coimbatore 641114 0422-2614300 Mrs.K.Ramalakshmi
Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College Pollachi 642107 04259- 266550, 266008 Mr. Vignesh Ramamoorthy
Akshaya College of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore 642109 04259-242570-574 Prof.P.Damodharan
SVS College of Engineering Coimbatore 642109 0422-2619301    
Sri Guru Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641110 0422-2229999, 2915565    
PSG Institute of Management Coimbatore 641004 0422-4304400, 2577252    
Providence College for Women Coonoor 643104 0423-2234084    
SNS College of Technology Coimbatore 641035 0422-2666264 Dr..S.Karthik Suburathinam,
Nehru Arts & Science College Coimbatore 641105 0422-2623055 Ms.R.Anitha / Prof. D. Kannan
Nehru Institute of Engineering And Technology Coimbatore 641105 0422-2622008    
PSG College of Arts & Science Coimbatore 641014 0422-4303300 to 4303320     
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering Coimbatore 641105 0422-2656740, 2935353    
Dr.R.V.Arts and Science College Coimbatore 641104 04254-272254    
Nehru Institute of Technology  Coimbatore 641105 0422-2656540 Prof.S.Pathur Nisha,
United Institute of Technology  Coimbatore 641020 0422-2692020 Ms.Mythili  
Kathir College of Engineering Coimbatore 641062 0422-6554778, 2203737 Mr.T.K.P.Rajagopal
Dr.G.R. Damodaran College of Science Coimbatore 641014 0422-2572719, 2576557, 2591863-64 Dr. G. Radhamani
KG College of Arts and Science Coimbatore 641035 0422-4419999 M. Usha/sasikala M;
S.N.R. Sons College Coimbatore 641006 0422-2562788    
Adithya Institute of Technology Coimbatore 641107 0422-2654504 to 507    
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